MangaChat Singapore


AI emotional journaling to make emotions visible

Children find it

hard to articulate their emotions

and the limited support in school lead to 1 in 3 youths suffered internally and developed unhealthy mental syptoms

Making mental wellness visible

Healthy Minds, Happy Hearts

Students develop better coping mechanisms and emotional intelligence through creative expression.

Smart Support Allocation

Counselors can efficiently prioritize their efforts, giving immediate attention to students who need it most.

24/7 Access

Students can express their emotions and access support whenever they need it, from any location.

Benefits of MangaChat

For Children
  • Emotional Outlet
  • Reduced Stress
  • self-reflection
  • enhanced creativity
  • improved Writing Skills
For Parents
  • Enhanced Communication
  • Improve Parenting
  • Strengthened Relationships
  • Insight into Child’s Thoughts
For Teachers/ Counsellor
  • Psychologist AI assistance
  • Holistic student development
  • Improved productivity
  • Early Interventions
  • Time efficiency

Recommendation from Educators

"The children's ability to express themselves is improving." Through sharing their journals, the children in the class are improving their ability to express themselves! Parents are also very grateful to the teacher for using this website to assist in teaching, as the children's growth is evident.

Mr. Dong Elementary Advisor

"Improving children's emotional expression." MangaChat's features include prompts, sentence stems, and comic images, which help children to comprehend and articulate their emotions using visual and sensory cues.

Ms. Yang Elementary Subject Advisor

"Opening topics through journal content" Students who were originally reluctant to speak up will write about their experiences and feelings in their journals.

Ms. Tsai Elementary Advisor

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Easy 3 steps to finish a journal

Our Journey in Asia

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Founding Team

From Passion to Mission

Sheng-Fang Huang

Founder & CEO

Ph.D. in CS; 10-year professor of Medical Informatics, specializing in Image Processing and AI.

Renee Chong


17 years educator in MOE; Spearhead Student Development and Service Learning Program

Paul Yao


Full-stack web developer with 10 years of experience.

Bernard Soo


Ex-banker of 18 years; Head of Digital Wealth Proposition in UOB and Head of Wealth Client Proposition in SCB

Chao-Hsiang Hung

Data Scientist

Ph.D. in Educational Psychology; Adjunct Professor in Taipei National University of the Arts